Stone Lobby Hallway

  • pendant/recessed lighting
Macy's Department Store
  • cove/recessed/spot/natural lighting

Witherspoon Museum

Olive Garden

A strip of resin replaces the traditional shower curtain you would typically seen in a bathroom. The natural sunlight illuminates the resin wall, which highlights the ripple design within it. The vertical ripple lines when the natural lights hit them seem as if there is water cascading down. This creates a more tranquil and open space overall in the room.

The single fluorescent light in the attic space creates warmth agains the dark wood. The light catches the horizontal planks of wood creating a more elongated space. The light is simple but effective within this space if you do not need to use the room often.
This is a view of the Alaskan mountains. The scene stood out to me because of the effect the natural light played off the the crevices and ridges within the mountain. The natural ambient light was able to show depth, rough texture, and a variety of analogus colors. The overall impression is relaxing but at the same time energizing because of the bright yellow and orange colors.

This is a Japanese Commodity that expresses simplicity. The up lights around the perimeter of the floor create a sharp contrast of peripheral lighting on the walls. This makes the room appear as if the edges are on fire in almost a theatrical lighting style. The room is spacious and provides a good balance between the horizontal furniture and taller walls.